Suitable Markdown spec for Hugo (using Blackfriday)


If my team needs an instruction on Markdown editing on Hugo with Blackfriday (not MMark), which one would be appropriate as reference for a Markdown spec?

I need to present some reference to my teammates, but could not find one on the website or Blackfriday repo, which led to this question.


this helped me

and here

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You are right: There is no spec for Blackfriday in special.

For special cases you just have to try or skim the docs, e.g. ^superscript^, ~~strikethrough~~, ~subscript~, definition lists …

For Hugo 0.58 the implementation of goldmark is planned. Goldmark is fully compliant with latest CommonMark spec and extensible! I am definitely planning to switch.


@ju52, thank you for pointing me to the relevant documentation.

@Grob, I appreciate the information on upcoming release with the new Markdown extension.