Smart quotes in titles, and mmark bodies

The smart quotes option, as far as I can tell, only applies to the bodies of content, which are processed using the default BlackFriday “.md” parser.

The mmark seems superior in so many ways, so I have taken to using it. As it is derived from BlackFriday, presumably it also has the options for smart quotes. Yet I think they’re not being used by Hugo.

Further, even if I use the BlackFriday parser, or I/we extend Hugo to also pass smartquotes and other options to mmark, it seems that quotes in titles are not processed. Is this correct? I suppose there’s no easy way to solve this, as the smart quotes are done by the markdown processor, and the titles aren’t markdown?

Could you confirm the above is correct, or let me know where I can set the options in case I’m missing them.

As to parts of your question see @anthonyfok and his PR here:

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The titles in content is markdown.

If you mean title as in THE .Title, then I understand what you mean.

Then you would have to pass it through the markdown processor in the template:

{{ .Title | markdownify }}

It will use the same engine as the page it lives (MMark or BF).