Dear Hugo Community,

So far its been a great experience. And every hour we learn a bit more.

I was able to bypass the issue of index.html described in this thread: WORKFLOW #2: HOSTING project on FIREBASE, yet Missing index.html

My next challenge:

So I have my website begin hosted on Public server now. Yet, now I am missing my CONTENT

As you can see the drafts are not rendered & compared to my local hosting, REGULAR pages are just not created.


Hello @LiberationFront,

in your first screenshot I can see that Hugo did render 0 out of 9 drafts. I guess that the front matter of your contents files contains the line draft = true which is set by default Hugo is guess.

By removing the line your content pages should be rendered.

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Hello @digitalcraftsman

Amazing. If only this was described in a tutorial, your clue safed me neckpain.

Yet another ISSUE:

If I click on the ‘Show Blog’ “BUTTON”: A 404 ERROR screen appears



I noticed the message of the 404 page was not in my native language.

I changed it to a dutch description. I pressed f5. And suddenly The Blog page is working.

What happened?

I can’t a “Show blog” button on the page you linked. Could you describe on more detail were the button is located?


https://werkbaar-78aa6.firebaseapp.com/ on this page you have a button “Bekijk ze allemaal hier”

But as I mentioned, for some mysterious reason it works now.