Probably a noob question. Page not rendering

My /content directory looks like this

├──           // renders
├── courses             // 
│   ├──       // renders
│   └── primary         //
│       ├──   // renders
│       └──  // doesn't render
├──            // renders
└── exercises           // renders
    ├──   // renders
    ├──   // renders
    ├──   // renders
    └──   // renders

What am I doing wrong?

Its probably not an issue with the theme, because it has default layouts for list.html for both single.html

check the parent of whether it has draft = true. because the draft setting also affecting the children.

or just test it with hugo -D, if it’s renders, then it’s because the issue above.


Ah yes. That seems to have solved the problem.

I hadn’t set draft value in the front matter at all.


Thank you

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