Items within directory created but 404 page not found

I’ve been using Hugo for a year now and I’ve not encountered this situation with any of my previous builds. What is strange is the fact that I’m able to create a page such as hugo new inventory/ and it shows in terminal it is created. It shows in the content file it is created. But it doesn’t render with localhost:1313/inventory/test nor does it render in the public file when I run hugo.

Meanwhile, I’ve tested several other websites on the same computer that I’ve built in Hugo and they are capable of rendering the new content within a directory just fine.

I’ve also tested to see if I can make ‘any’ new content such as hugo new posts/ and that works on this particular website. Also working is hugo new at the root level.

I’m clueless as to what has happened here. Please anyone? I’d greatly appreciate your feedback. Thank you sincerely for the read and any assistance you may be able to provide.

Happy Hugo user that’s obviously missing something here…

We are clueless as well since we can’t see your code :slightly_smiling_face:

First I would check that draft is not set to true in your frontmatter

I’ve set it to false. What should I be showing you to help diagnose the issue? When I run hugo I do not get any errors. Also, when I create the pages within the directory it says it’s created. It shows me the file in the content file. Even if the page was set to draft true, I should still be able to see it running hugo server.

A link to your project’s git repo would be best. If you can’t do that, create a small sample project that reproduces your issue, and share that with us.

Oh man you are the best! I’ll make my GitHub repo public and share it here. I’m so grateful for your time and help.

Hello @zwbetz - here is the link to the public github repo:

Thank you again for your help with this!

Your issue is one of branch bundles vs leaf bundles.

Currently content\inventory is a leaf bundle. You need to make it a branch bundle.

So change content\inventory\ to and then your http://localhost:1313/inventory/test/ page should work.

Thank you so much! I knew to do that with my last couple sites because I was following along with the docs better.

The neat thing is I did some research and I believe I can actually make a template for that file in inventory that plops out my inventory based on my content - which is what this awesome generator was meant to do! I’ve been gimping along throwing code into .md pages and I cringe often. I have done templating work in the head and now I believe it’s time to make a real list template and a single template for the motorcycles that allows me to just put variables into the front matter such as images for the slide show, year, make, model, price etc…

Thanks you again friend !

Glad you have things working on your end. And yep I think making it an actual list template will be a useful exercise