WORKFLOW #2: HOSTING project on FIREBASE, yet Missing index.html

Dear Hugo Community,

I am still in love with Hugo. It’s been a challening learningcurve coming from Jekyll into something clearly different. But we are almost there.

I finally made my first static website with Hugo! Now it’s time to get the beast viral.

As I was used to HOSTING on GITHUB, I got myself into another learningcurve HOSTING on FIREBASE

What I did so far?

  1. I started a new project: C:/Hugo> hugo new site "name_project"

  2. I installed a theme in the themesfolder: > Clone Repo > Unzip in themes

  3. I made some content: hugo new + hugo new blog/

  4. After some searching I found a command that helped me to host locally: hugo server --theme="theme_name" --buildDrafts

#MIND: If I try to use just hugo server it doesnt render or load my content !!! Watch these pictures for the difference:

hugo server VIEW


hugo server --theme="theme_name" --buildDrafts VIEW


#MIND: I didnt found any of this information in any popular tutorial. QUESTIONING ergonomics!

  1. Hosting on FIREBASE I followed these instructions which I addopted in GIT COMMAND


#MIND: ! Warning: Public directory does not contain index.html


How To Add index.html To Public Directory in FIREBASE?

Another Question that concerns me is the following:

Why are the drafts not rendering?

My apologies for all these NEWBIE questions.


I copied the index.html file to PARENT Directory, in order to have it in the same Directory as firebase.json

The result:

I now have to figure how to add the styling.

Follow this challenge in following Thread: (SOLVED) WORKFLOW #3: Why are my DRAFTS not RENDERING?

Can someone explain if this is the method or not?

Hugo and Firebase are not connected, so any workflow including them will use them in discrete parts. Hugo generates your site. Firebase hosts your site.

Learn how these two processes work, and understand them, and then you will know how to host your Hugo site on Firebase.