[SOLVED] Confusion with Hugo on GitHub Pages over separate deployments


Currently I am using Hugo on GitHub Pages with ease but I have a few problems in which you could possibly help me to solve. Thanks in advance if you take your time to care a bit about my question, I highly appreciate that. :slight_smile: I am trying to be as short as possible. :slight_smile:

My short introductory page is located here
My blog (which needs fixes) is located here

  • Both sites are set up via the Hugo Quick Start, therefore I used the submodule way of getting the themes instead of cloning.
  • Both sites are deployed into separate repositories. I have asked in other channels what would be the best and cleanest form of maintaining these sites, then some said, GitHub Project Pages is nice.
  • To reach this feature, I have set publishDir to docs in both projects
  • Set the master branch with /docs folder option at GitHub Pages in both cases.

The content of my introductory page loads fine while the CSS of my blog does not really want to load. (The browser wants to search it at the root - where nothing is located - instead of /Blog).

How can I solve this problem?


I just solved it. I had to build with hugo -t blog for success. :slight_smile: