Deploying to


I’m creating two repositories on GitHub the first called “” this repository only has a public folder and the second called “blog” has the full content from Hugo theme so that it is generating an error I would like to know that I’m doing wrong:

And the second: repo “blog”

I’m following this explanation

"A Tale of Two Repositories

The trick to deploying a stand-alone, Hugo-generated site that will be hosted on a custom domain is that everything within public/ needs to be in its own repository, and that repository must be named, where is your actual GitHub username.

This means that all the markdown and templates and configuration needs to go in a separate repository. The repository with all the Hugo stuff can be named whatever you like. For the sake of argument, let’s assume this repository is called the blog.

The initial setup depends on what your current situation is. Most likely, either:

nothing is committed to source control yet, or
you already have your Hugo site committed and pushed up to the blog repository on GitHub.
Setup When Nothing is Committed

Create two new, empty repositories on GitHub:

blog Make sure to check the Initialize this repository with a README box since that will make the next step easier.
Kill your Hugo server so that it stops regenerating the HTML.

Delete the public/ directory with rm -r public/.

Initialize a git repository and add the remote:

git init git remote add origin "

If i initialized the repo “” with “readme” I can’t see nothing in this repository and it generates an error
Any ideas? thanks