Hugo does not build without '-t' parameter


As I have said I was able to solve my previous problem, but I just encountered an other one.

I can successfully build my Hugo site with hugo -t blog and it works fine, you can check on the links in the previous post (I would like to avoid self promotion).

When I tried to link this to Netlify, it did not work. Unfortunately, it did not build with the default version of Hugo they provide, but I was bale to fix this with the creation of netlufy.toml where I set 0.36 for Hugo’s version.

So after that at Netlify I had to provide a build command. There hugo should go, but it did not work. CSS-s are not loaded. Unfortunately, providing hugo -t blog as build command did not help either.


Have you specified your theme in your project’s config.toml?

-t is the theme or themesDir string flag. And from what you posted I suppose that your theme is called blog. If your site fails to deploy I’m thinking that perhaps Hugo cannot find the theme you use.

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Yes, I have specified:

theme = “blog”

The theme folder with the files is also there, but if I built with hugo the CSS will not be loaded, only with hugo -t blog.


I think that you need to post a link to your Github repo, so that we can see what’s going on.

Sure! Here you can check it out.

Your “blog” theme folder points to

That’s not the way to use a Hugo theme -at least from what I know-.

You need to clone the theme in your themes folder. See the Hugo Docs guide for full instructions about Installing themes.

Also if the theme is called Red Lounge that’s what you need to enter in your config.toml