Deployed on Github, getting 404'd

Hello guys, need a little help here.

I deployed my blog to Github:

And while it isn’t spewing out build errors as it was before, it still isn’t displaying the site when I go to Can someone help me here?

I am completely new to git so if you want me to do something fairly complex I would need detailed instructions.

Here’s my config.toml:

baseurl = ""
title = "Lettuce be Cereal"
author = "João Eira"
copyright = "Your Copyright"
# canonifyurls = true
paginate = 5
PygmentsCodeFences = false

googleAnalytics = ""

contentdir = "content/post"
layoutdir = "layouts"
publishdir = "public"

theme = "strange-case"

    colorScheme = "scheme-darkbrown"
    DateFormat = "2 Jan 2006"
    description ="João Eira is a Master's student in Economics at Universidade de Coimbra."
    sidebarDescription = "João Eira's personal blog"
    sidebarFreeText =  "\"Shared fictions are the necessary condition of social coordination.\""
    piwikSiteID = ""
    piwikURL = ""

    name = "About"
    url = ""

    name = "Twitter"
    url = ""

If my memory serves me right, here are the commands I did from begin to end to get the blog in Github (the submodule thing I did in my themes folder):

git submodule add
git remote add origin
hugo -t strange-case
git add .
git commit -m "first commit"
git push origin master

And that’s it. I’m at my wits end honestly, I consider myself fairly proficient with technology but git is kicking my ass.

Checking this from my phone, but in order to host Hugo on GH pages you need to have the built site on a branch specifically titled “gh-pages” since GitHub does not automatically support Hugo the way it does Jekyll. That said, I’ve heard good things about gitlab pages, which does have native support for Hugo.

Yup, I’ve said good things about gitlab pages, which does have native support for Hugo. :slightly_smiling:

I only use Gitlab because they let you have free private repositories.

I am trying to do it in Gitlab but it comes up with his error:

Your rendered home page is blank: /index.html is zero-length

  • Did you specify a theme on the command-line or in your
    "config.toml" file? (Current theme: “strange-case”)
  • For more debugging information, run “hugo -v”

which is weird because it specifies the theme by saying theme = “strange-case”.

One thing that I do seem to have different is that in my repository it shows themes -> strange-case (and the strange-case folder is weird, it’s like a link to another repository) while in the example repository the folder present is themes/lanyon with the layout and static folders there. I don’t know why mine is different. Any thoughts?

Managed to make gitlab give me a more detailed error message:

INFO: 2016/11/02 20:42:23 hugo.go:463: Using config file: /builds/joaoeira/hugo/config.toml
WARN: 2016/11/02 20:42:23 hugo.go:547: Unable to find static directory for theme strange-case in /builds/joaoeira/hugo/themes/strange-case/static
INFO: 2016/11/02 20:42:23 hugo.go:571: /builds/joaoeira/hugo/static/ is the only static directory available to sync from
INFO: 2016/11/02 20:42:23 hugo.go:609: syncing static files to /builds/joaoeira/hugo/public/
Started building site

Someone? Obviously there’s a static folder inside themes/strange-case which is what’s weird. Even tried to create a new static folder, copy paste things, but nothing changes.