Smugmug galleries?

Just putting it out there- instead of bundling the images locally, and having dynamic resizing, I’m wondering if anyone is working on a Smugmug gallery/lightbox/include feature.

I like to combine photography and text; many tools are good at one but not the other.

I think you should change the category on this to “support” since things like lightbox are essentially client-side code and wouldn’t necessarily be part of Hugo (although image resizing could very well be).

If you’re looking for a decent lightbox, I dig featherlight:

And I’ve also heard good things about swipebox:

NOTE: Both require jQuery.

It needs to be part of Hugo to weave stories and photos in an integrated way. Using external assets for more than a simple link or image is tough.

Right. I don’t know much about smugmug. Do they have an API for devs? It looks like the service they provide is to help you build the full website on their platform.

My response was to your comment regarding “lightboxes,” which are still a matter of client-side code and the way you build your site…

Yeah, they have an API. And they do dynamic resizing (put the dimensions in the URL, they’ll make the image that size).

They do photo galleries just fine. No additional flow- for instance, a blog/journal style isn’t supported.

Lightboxes can definitely be done with a list of images, you’re right.

XnView have tool for mass resize images and generating of the gallery. If you need command line tool look to the imagemagick.

Hello, WidsMob Viewer is a powerful photo viewer you can try. You can batch process and view all stored photos in fast speed.