Hugo Easy Gallery - new active fork

Greetings, Hugo community.

I’ve just managed to make some improvements and merge some pull requests into Hugo Easy Gallery, a simplified implementation of Photoswipe for Hugo. If anyone wants a nice, Instagram-style image gallery, this is the tool to use. I’ll be using it on more or less every Hugo website I work on, e.g. coming soon to my blog and some client websites after a bit more testing.

Notably, I always found it created weird rectangular photo gallery grids (see screenshots here), but I narrowed that down to an undocumented dependency on a single CSS class in Bootstrap v3.7.7, which was included in the original author’s webpage via Beautiful Hugo, but missing and unmentioned in the Hugo Easy Gallery repo.



Release post | GitHub


Next step, to get it working with Hugo image processing and image resources for automatic thumbnails. I merged a pull request that allegedly does this, but I don’t yet fully understand it, nor have I been able to test if that works. If anyone who knows more about Hugo image processing and resources would like to help with that, I’d sure appreciate it! (discussion continues @ Implement auto-cropping thumbnails via Hugo image resources · Issue #2 · Darthagnon/hugo-easy-gallery · GitHub)

My fork of Hugo Easy Gallery does work, though, for static images.