Is there a portfolio theme for artists?

A lot of the so called portfolio themes on Hugo site don’t really suit me since i want my portfolio to be mostly pictures with few text boxes,if anyone had the same problem and found a solid theme please share.

I recommend looking into extending an existing theme with a lightbox plugin like Magnific Popup (jQuery-based, more plug-and-play) or PhotoSwipe (requires some vanilla JS skills).

I built a site for my family’s construction company and their projects section includes a photo gallery using Magnific Popup which works great.

I also created a blog/portfolio theme called Hugo Liftoff which you may be interested in. But it’s more for web projects not photography. You could technically use any theme with a design that strikes your fancy and from there add a projects section and integrate a lightbox plugin from there.

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Wowchemy has a portfolio widget for exactly this. You can see a live example here.

If you want to try it out I recommend you join the Discord server as we can quickly solve lots of questions/issues there.

Disclaimer: I’m one of the moderators of the Discord server of Wowchemy :wink:.

You could try Hugo Easy Gallery, which is a more-or-less abandoned Hugo module wrapper for Photoswipe.

When working correctly, it is implemented as a “second theme” alongside another Hugo theme and you can easily create Instagram/Google Images-style galleries via shortcode pointing at a folder of photos and thumbnails. I haven’t had much luck getting it working correctly on my website, though, despite forking and merging the pending PRs, due to some incompatibilities. Maybe you’ll have better luck with a simpler website.

Documentation is included.

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