Site tags rendering as XML, not HTML

I’m working on my website (theme repo) and I’ve found that the tags in the tag cloud link to bare XML (looks a bit like an RSS feed for each tag?), rather than a nice HTML page. I kinda expected them to work more or less exactly the way Categories currently works.

Can anyone help me find a solution? The theme is originally Dream by g1eny0ung, to which I have made some changes, though it should be noted that the “tags as XML” problem exists on his original site, so it’s not something borked by my newbie code.

Links: original author’s site, with the same weird XML tags problem
Hugo Docs\Output Formats seems relevant, but having examined the code, I’m not sure where to make the necessary changes.

I saw someone else’s site structure and it’s apparent that my theme is not generating index.html for individual tags. Anyone know if there’s a flag or generic bit of code that needs to be present?

└── tags
    ├── index.html
    ├── index.xml
    ├── thisisatag
    │   ├── index.html <-- not generated
   │   └── index.xml

This template should not be empty:

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Thank you so much!!! I’ve been doing some testing, and term.html is the problem. I had assumed it was blank for a reason from the original maintainer, but it’s the source of the problem. I’ll try and adapt the code from its brother, terms.html (not sure what the difference is, but hey).

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