Rendering issue, showing XML instead of theme

This is the repo where I deployed hugo site

GitHub - hbstack/theme: HB starter theme for blog, docs, digital garden, gallery and landing pages. HB 新手博客、文档、数字花园、图库和落地页主题。 I used this theme

This is the error, when accessing site, it only shows XML, not hbstack theme.

What could be the issue, are you able to figure it out? @jmooring

Estimated Guess:

you have some old build results in public and committed that. these seem to have been generated before you added a theme and due to missing layouts only the feeds have been generated.

checking your build action in GitHub I found you are building your site with a jekyll Action.
As you have a hugo site this does nothing and just copies all files verbatim to your pages.

try this one

you may want to remove the public folder (and also commit that removal) to get a clean start

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