Tags HTML mismatch with its XML

I am having issues with the individual tag index page. I am using hugo from the master branch

$ hugo version
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.63.0-DEV linux/amd64 BuildDate: unknown

What is happening is a single tag’s index.html has all the pages listed, where as the index.xml has the correct entries. I am using this config.

This gist contains all the files. Can someone please help me debug or fix it? What am I doing incorrectly? Not to mention that I am a newbie to Hugo and building my first site with Hugo. Thank you in advance.

Hi @imyousuf, it’s not quite clear what your issue is. What do you expect in the single tags index page and what do you expect in the index.xml page?

@davidsneighbour Thank you for getting back to me. If you notice the index.html it lists all pages, including the one that is not tagged with the specific tag (in this case the tag is git); so the index.html is listing wrong whereas the index.xml rightly lists the posts tagged with the tag in question.
Please let me know if that makes sense.

Found the issue, it is a bug in the Theme’s tag page template.
Issuing a fix for it.

UPDATE: The fix has been merged by the owner of the theme.

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