Tag produces almost blank output

Here is the menu item defined in my config.toml:

weight = 2
identifier = "tags"
name = "Tags"
pre = "<i class=“sidebar-button-icon fa fa-lg fa-tags”>"
url = “/tags”

but when i get to http://localhost:1313/tags/, it is what I see:

— layout: page title: Tag Cloud footer: false —
{% tag_cloud %}

I am using the theme hyde.

I have tried to add a template page.html like this under themes/hyde/layouts/_default

{{ partial “header.html” . }}

{{ .Title }}

    {{ $data := .Data }} {{ range $key, $value := .Data.Terms.ByCount }}
  • {{ $value.Name }} ({{ $value.Count }})
  • {{ end }}

{{ partial “footer.html” . }}

but it does not fix the problem.

My version of hugo is Hugo Static Site Generator v0.30.2 darwin/amd64 BuildDate: 2017-11-03T20:48:30+11:00

Looks like your template is broken, if you’re seeing stuff like {%%} coming thru. You’d need a taxonomy template to show your tags list.

Did you have a read of these?

Did you try the --verbose tag on your hugo server command? That might give you a hint.