Troubleshooting hugo tags/categories indexes showing all pages / not filtering

I have a problem where my tag and category index pages are full of all posts, not the correct posts for that topics. From reading documentation and this forum I suspect it might be a theme problem. That said I cannot seem to find where the problem might be; I don’t know enough of hugo for this. I’ve tried looking for tracing style options to “get inside” how hugo and the theme is running, but I cannot seem to get inside. Could anybody send me pointers on where I start looking? I think I’m asking for hugo internals and/or theme internals. Thanks in advance.

P.S. I just updated Hugo to Hugo Static Site Generator v0.72.0/extended darwin/amd64 BuildDate: unknown and I’m using the hugo-now-ui theme.

Have you checked that the theme supports tags and categories? and have you asked the theme developer?

the post .md files and example site seem to indicate it doesnt

Hey @damien1 thanks for the reply. First, it never occurred to me that tags/categories might be optional for a theme to support. When I look at the third post markdown in the exampleSite posts directory I do see both. Second, I’ve not had success in getting a response from the theme author (at least, an issue I opened last year has had no response, and I’ve not pursued the author further.) That said, somewhat amazed (since I am just hacking about/guessing wildly) I’ve managed to copy the ./themes/hugo-now-ui/layouts/_default/list.html to ./themes/hugo-now-ui/layouts/_default/taxonomy.html (which I found in another theme) and edit the paginator to {{ $paginator := .Paginate .Pages }} … to get the correctly filtered posts for tags/categories. Seems to work.

I also found that by editing ./themes/hugo-now-ui/layouts/_default/terms.html I could add a / to the end of taxonomy pages, which I need for my hosting on AWS. :slight_smile:

Dumb luck on my part, and/or smart/well named layout design by Hugo, but I’m grateful for the outcome.

That said, I was really hoping for some sort of --trace or something that verbosely listed the files Hugo was looking for and/or using to render each content page. That said, I’m good for now.

When you share your project code folks can just clone it and test and find issues immediately. For future reference. :slight_smile: