Shall we specify the best way to ask for help?

Continuing the discussion from About the support category:

It seems like every other support thread has someone ask a question that would require seeing templates to solve, and (surprising me) many folks don’t keep their sites in version control, public or otherwise.

I propose we crowd-source a couple of brief explanations on why we need to see the templates, and how to easily share them in support. I ask the folks that have been here answering questions, because they will know what the most common requests and problem-solving tasks are. Then we can update the support category description message.

A question I have: if someone is not using public repo hosting, do we encourage folks to use a pastebin, or dump a template in a code block here in Discourse?

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I think that will be personal preference. Most people seem to be comfortable with Github. If you put together a template with a link to instructions on using Github or pastbin, that would be helpful. This may turn into something that goes in the FAQ or help documentation.

I’ll be thinking on this, and posting suggestions as I encounter them.

The first thing we ought to suggest is that support questions include version, via hugo version. Often the first reply is asking for that clarification.

I’ve seen folks mark their threads as [Solved]; is that done with the Discourse Solved plugin? Another idea would be to have versions as tags, and have them be required for template issues, but I had that idea before the releases became automated, so it may not be easy to manage now.

Yes, we should. I pinned a post for it. Let me know what I missed.