Github Issue Template to reduce support issues

There are a lot of questions asked in the issue queue that should be asked here, first, despite what and say. I think that this could be reduced by adding issue templates for bugs, feature requests, and support, with the support template instructing users not to use it, to ask here instead.

In I see:

Asking Support Questions

We have an active discussion forum where users and developers can ask questions. Please don’t use the GitHub issue tracker to ask questions.

Reporting Issues

If you believe you have found a defect in Hugo or its documentation, use the GitHub issue tracker to report the problem to the Hugo maintainers. If you’re not sure if it’s a bug or not, start by asking in the discussion forum. When reporting the issue, please provide the version of Hugo in use ( hugo version ) and your operating system.

That seems straightforward enough. I don’t see a Could you please lay out more of a plan for what you are proposing? :slight_smile:

I think maintainers could follow the instructions at - and create one for “Support” issues - where the Custom Template is located in this image.


Then in the support template, the subtitle can say "Do not use - get support at - and if the template is selected, the text can indicate that the template is not to be used. We could go a step further and have stalebot automatically close support issues.

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Oh, way cool! I concur. :slight_smile: