Post in support, then make a feature request

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Hiya @claudiobizzotto! This isn’t about you, I am just using your sentiment as a jumping off point to have a quick discussion on directing messages. FYI, I moved your thread to #support. I’ll explain!

When folks come to the forums for support, they might not know if they are missing an existing feature, or whatever. I propose we encourage everyone to post to #support first, unless they are very sure about their feature request.

I don’t care about #feature requests. I read them on the site, but I am not developing Hugo so I can’t field those questions. I have filters and settings to be notified of support questions. So it is really helpful to have messages going into the categories where they belong.

And I don’t even mean most messages, just support. My goal is to knock as much low-hanging fruit as possible, so the harder questions filter through to the folks that can answer them.

Of course the “solved” flag feature helps with this. :slight_smile:

And for those folks worried about making feature requests in support, it’s no biggie. We’ll move it to where it needs to go. If you post to support, your message has an increased chance of at least one volunteer seeing it sooner. :sunglasses:

Also, your feature request can come as a separate topic, pointing to the support thread that shows how the community tried to solve the issue. Think about it.

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