Seeking a Flexible Theme for Hugo

Hello everyone

I’m looking for a theme with the following:

  • Flexibility: I want to be able to customize the theme to match my project’s aesthetics.
  • Hugo Compatibility: It should be compatible with the latest version of Hugo.
  • Clear Documentation: Well-documented themes are a must for easy customization.
  • Good Performance: A theme that doesn’t slow down my site and maintains excellent performance is essential.

If you have any theme recommendations, I’d love to hear them. Thank you!

Best regards.

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You can check out Gethugothemes, which has 58+ Hugo themes. These themes are highly customizable. You can customize most of the settings from the config file. We update our themes regularly to ensure compatibility with the latest version of Hugo.

Each theme comes with detailed documentation that you can access through
Most of our themes have 90+ Google Page Speed score.

We have lots of open-source themes on GitHub. Check here - Gethugothemes · GitHub

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.

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You can test out my “Hugo Zen theme”. It is a base theme so really boring, but very functional, out of the box.

I use it as the base for all sites I build with Hugo, both for customers and for personal projects.


I use CaiJimmy’s theme: GitHub - CaiJimmy/hugo-theme-stack: Card-style Hugo theme designed for bloggers

He has a doc :slight_smile:

And a starter: GitHub - CaiJimmy/hugo-theme-stack-starter: A quickstart template to create a Hugo blog using hugo-theme-stack

I like for blogging

I want to be able to customize the theme to match my project’s aesthetics.

I recommend building your own! If your existing project is on the web, it’s easy to copy existing CSS. You can also try starting off from an existing theme. It’s actually not that hard, and you get full control.

Thanks everybody.
I hesitate beetween GitHub :


I preffer Hugoplate but Wowchhemy got a lot of star.

Do you know the reason ?

Hugoplate is a starter template. If you are still a newbie, just go with academic based solely on their support if you stumble.

Here the moderator of Wowchemy’s Discord server. Just FYI, Wowchemy has started migrating from Bootstrap to Tailwind, starting with its Blog template (source here).

All I can say is I’ve been building my website with Wowchemy for three years already and everything’s been great. The versatility you get is awesome and support too (I highly recommend joining the Discord server as communication there is more fluid).

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I make my own theme just to understand the “basic” of hugo.
But work with a community is important too.

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