Best blog theme for begginers to learn and customize it to their needs?

Hello everyone! I’m very new to Hugo and I’m really really exited! I want to create my blog but I’m really struggling to find a theme to use. I have three that I like something about each other:

  1. Mini. I like the general structure and the colors. I want to use that as a base
  2. Stack. I like how the posts (page) is shown up and how is looks like (how the markdown is formatted)
  3. Meme. I like the navbar and how the posts (main page) are formatted (except that I don’t want to show how many times the post was edited).

I tried to keep mini as a base and change/add stuff from the other things but as I realized, themes are not build in the same way so I just can’t do that.

So here I am asking if anyone can suggest a theme than can be fully customizable and has a simple stucture that I can mess with (documentation would also come in handy! If not, can I learn how to create me own theme from scratch (Hugo’s “quick start” uses a theme as an example)?

This is one of my more popular articles. Give it a read if you like.

Once you have a solid foundation in Hugo Templating, you’ll be able to make whatever custom theme you want.


Thanks a lot!

I’ve used the ‘blank’ theme by Vimux in the past. It’s a basic blog theme but has no CSS is included so you add all that yourself while you get some functionality like pagination built in. It’s not too complicated so you can delve in and get some idea of how the template language works.


Thanks man!