Need expert advice to find an appropriate theme

Hi, I need some help finding or creating a theme.
Here is what I’m looking to do.

  1. I want an informational website, like a small book. It’s not really a blog, I don’t plan on updating it often. Readers should be able to easily navigate / search by topic.
  2. I want to be able to post code examples with attractive syntax highlighting, such as those found on the Carbon website. But I want the text to be searchable and to also look good on mobile, so I can’t just grab images from there.

I’m an experienced backend developer, but haven’t worked on the frontend in about a decade, and am not a very good designer.

Any guidance on where to start is much appreciated. I’m currently using the timer-hugo theme and it looks nice, but doesn’t have the feel I’m going for.

I always standing with question, what theme to choose, when I am preparing my new project.

The problem is, that none of the themes are perfect.
You can spend plenty of time finding bits and bats that you want, trying various themes - and been disappointment that one got this the other that, that you would like.

I always wasting time and nerves to do everything from beginning by myself.

If you know HTML and CSS than you need this page to make Hugo theme in a way, that you would like.

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Thanks. Do you know of a plugin or whatnot that will do syntax highlighting for me?

Depend what exactly you need.
Syntax Highlighting | Hugo (

Unless you just want code block?

Looks like it’s exactly what I wanted.
Thank you.
I want to have nice colours for the code, and not just a generic code block. Ideally I would be able to mark “good code” and “bad code” with different styles on the same page, to distinguish the difference.

As already pointed out you can either use Hugo’s built-in Chroma highlighting or you can also use something like highlight.js for a finer control on styles,