[Request]Can Hugo have self-update function?

Hugo is very good tools, and I enjoy watching Hugo’s many updates.
But, in using hugo, manually replacing .exe is needed every time update, especially Windows environment.
(Chocolatey is very good tools, but extended version seems to be not distributed.)
So I think that if Hugo have self-update function, Hugo will more accessible.

I found https://github.com/rhysd/go-github-selfupdate . Hugo is written in Golang…

I wish Hugo have self-update function. Can Hugo have self-update function?

Seems like a lot of different places to pull updates from. On Mac, I find brew update Hugo to be exceedingly simple…

Hmm… So, This problem is only in Windows…I see.
It is better to wait (or create) windows program that manage Hugo than to wait Hugo’s feature?

Features are driven by interest and discussion, and I don’t think many folks are concerned with the Windows update system. Maybe someone has already made that easy, here’s hoping they share their system. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your advice. I’ll search tools…

The answer to “can we” is yes.

The answer to “do we want to” is probably no. I have thougth about it. But doing this opens up a whole lot of of security concerns that I’m not sure I want to tackle.


Thank you. I understand. Certainly it is difficult…Sorry.
I will search tools that have the function updating hugo, or create updater to myself.

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