Hugo Updates with Windows

I am just using command prompt
I installed hugo v0.32.2 with chocolatey & now I want to update to the latest v0.34.4

I ran choco upgrade hugo
I get: “hugo v0.32.2 is the latest version available based on your source(s).”

I download the latest from: Releases · gohugoio/hugo · GitHub and replaced files

I ran hugo version
I get: v0.32.2

Only if I cd to J:\Hugo\bin and run “hugo version” do I get “Hugo Static Site Generator v0.32.4 …”

I have added J:\Hugo\bin to path.

Why is this happening? and what is the best method for updates on Windows? I read the docs, and they are extensive for Macs but only mention installation on windows.


That’s because most of us around here are on a Mac or a Linux Distro.

Hopefully someone who uses Hugo on Windows can help you…

Also you can send Pull Requests to improve the Hugo Docs. Since you are a Windows user your input would be very useful for others, once you figure out what the best update approach is for Hugo on your OS.

It is unlikely that chocolatey places Hugo in the folder J:\Hugo\bin.

That isn’t my point - I manually extracted the files to that folder as a work around

“choco upgrade hugo” should still work?

choco uninstall or remove hugo will work.


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choco uninstall hugo

Chocolatey uninstalled 1/1 packages.

now when I run “hugo version” anywhere I get v0.34.4. Great thanks - DONE.

For the future though how do I update without going to the site, downloading, and moving the files myself.

I would like to do this from the cmd with little effort

Hugo is a single executable file, it does not require installation. It’s enough just to download the file and place it in a convenient folder. And RTFM.


Agree with @Mikhail 100% on this. Easier to just:

  • bring down the latest release zip file from GitHub
  • rename the old hugo.exe to it’s version for backup hugo_0.31.1.exe
  • copy in your new shiny version from the zip

Off to the races! (not much of a race, because Hugo beats them all every time)

We would all love for Windows to act more unix-y (or POSIX-y, whatevs), but it ain’t. You can’t do many things from your terminal emulator as easily as non-Windows users.

If I had to use Windows, I’d probably run VirtualBox and a server GNU/Linux system. :slight_smile:

Ironically, in the time you spend looking for a way to automate this and spend in this topic, you could probably do 7 or more manual Windows updates of Hugo. :wink:

I mean this in a friendly manner, not to critique your desire for an easier updating process on Windows. That might be a good idea for us Windows users.

But if I look at all actions I perform with Hugo and developing/maintaining websites, the time it takes to update Hugo is a tiny tiny fraction. So there’s little time to gain there. Perhaps a minute gained per Hugo update, so 10-15 minutes per year.

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Dear All,

I was facing the same issue in 2024 and I came across this post.

Here, the solution discussed was to manually replace Hugo exe file which seems ok but I found a better automatic solution which worked well for me.

Just posting that solution here so that any one else facing this issue on Windows can benefit from it.

On Windows 10, previously I installed hugo-extended using chocolaty and that version was 0.111.3

Now, to upgrade to the latest hugo extended release 0.122.0 (or any other release in future), please follow these steps:

  1. Run this command to see the latest available versions: choco search hugo

  2. Run this command with the latest version and boom, it will upgrade to the latest version: choco upgrade hugo-extended --version 0.122.0

Screenshot below.