Hugo 0.51 Released

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complement is fantastic. The example in the docs is practical and can be used as is. Like it a lot. Tnx for your efforts, @bep and all the other contributors. Very much appreciated.


like to get a hugo_extended_*_Linux-ARM.deb
Can it be done?

Eventually, but it will have to wait. Long story.

Brew - a macOS package manager - updated :white_check_mark:
Snap Package - the Hugo Snap (Snapcraft) package for Linux distributions

  • traditional release - updated :white_check_mark:
  • extended release - updated :white_check_mark:

Docker/CI Image - a Hugo Docker image for Continuous Integration - updated :white_check_mark:
Debian (sid) - updated :white_check_mark: (Track link)
Ubuntu (cosmic) - updated :white_check_mark: (Track link)
Fedora Copr - Hugo RPM packages for Fedora and CentOS - updated :white_check_mark:
Chocolatey Package - the Hugo Chocolatey package for Windows

Scoop - another Windows package manager - updated :white_check_mark:


Hello @martignoni, the copr is up-to-date !

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Thanks. Updated. :+1:

i love the new symdiff and complement functions!!!
and the way errors appear on your browser

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I am using windows, and victor-hugo boiler plate.

When I run ncu in my project directory it says hugo-bin ^0.30.0 → ^0.39.0
How do the hugo-bin versions in the package.json relate the versions posted here (current 0.51)?

I installed hugo globally and use chocolatey to update it, not sure if I need to do this (?) since I tend to just use the boiler plate and just run npm install.

When I run hugo version in cmd it says Hugo Static Site Generator v0.49
When I run choco upgrade hugo is says hugo v0.49 is the latest
Should I change my update source?

Brew updated


Thanks. Above post updated.

Which package are you using? If you see from post #5 there are two packages in Chocolate. Once is updated and one isn’t.

Thanks I got hugo-extended to update to 0.51 as a global variable. I am still not sure how the hugo-bin 0.30/0.39 in my npm package.json relates to the hugo version updates I see mentioned here (v0.51).

When I run npm build is it using the hugo-bin 0.30 as stated in the package.json? Is that the same as Hugo version 0.30?

I’m not sure what hugo-bin is so I can’t tell you. Personally I think there’s better ways to get Hugo than through npm. It’s possible that it’s suppose to be regular Hugo but the maintainer hasn’t updated it in a long time. Maybe it’s something else. shrug

@jswtch – Since you are using the victor-hugo boilerplate, if you run the below you will see which version of hugo the package.json is specified to download:

grep 'hugoVersion' node_modules/hugo-bin/package.json

You can then confirm the downloaded hugo version with:

node_modules/hugo-bin/vendor/hugo version
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@zwbetz Thanks, this makes so much sense.

If I were to branch off and start my own boilerplate to keep more up to date is there some testing routine I should go through prior to building to ensure everything works coherently?

Not sure. My only familiarity with this repo is from cloning it locally and then poking around.

This thread isn’t a “how to build Hugo” thread. There are plenty of those; if not, create another.


I now maintain both hugo and hugo-extended Chocolatey packages and they will now automatically update within hours of the release being made. Both are currently updated to 0.51.