Porting posts between themes?

I’m new to Hugo, but am trialling it for a personal site hosted on Netlify. Locally I’m running Hugo v.0.88.1 on Windows 10.

I’m currently using the Future Imperfect theme, but I’m not sure it’s quite right for me so was trying out some other themes. As an example I tried Newsroom then moved my blog post markdown files into the appropriate directory. I got errors when trying to build the site which I determined were down to differences in how Future Imperfect and Newsroom expect image details to be handled in the markdown of posts:

Future Imperfect example:

title = "Rich Content"
description = "A brief description of Hugo Shortcodes"
author = "Hugo Authors"
date = "2019-03-10"
tags = ["shortcodes", "privacy"]
  src = "img/main/logo.jpg"
  alt = "Fox"
  stretch = "Vertical"

Newsroom example:

title = "(Hu)go Template Primer"
description = ""
tags = ["go", "golang", "templates", "themes", "development",]
date = "2014-04-02"
categories = ["Development", "golang",]
image = "artist.jpg"

Newsroom also seems to have layout issues when <!--more--> is used.

Is there a way to ensure content written can be ported between themes, and ensure that the content is robust in the long term?

Each theme depends on a different set of front matter parameters.
A theme is organized at the author’s discretion.

So when switching themes one might have to perform a bit of mass editing.
Typically a regular Expression search and replace in a good editor should make the process easier.

I was suspecting that might be the case. Guess I’ll brush up on my regex then! Many thanks for the answer, I appreciate it.

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