Very nice new theme for blogging

This just arrived:


I really like this template! My only problem is, for some reason the css does not actually render. Would you happen to know why this is happening? I copied your config to my directory, edited it to fit with my server, created an, and a blog post under content/blog. I then ran hugo to generate the files.


hugo server --theme=hugo-future-imperfect

or just uploading the files in /public to my web site does not work.

I end up getting an unstylized page.

Any ideas as to how I can fix this?

This isn’t my theme – your best bet would be to ask the theme author, maybe create an issue on his theme repo.

I’ve been trying out this theme - a problem I found is that the author has used absolute paths referring to staic files like css e.g. /css/main.css - the leading / is going to the root of your server.

  • this means that you cannot load the public anywhere other than the root of your webserver. I was trying it out in a subfolder and found this problem.

I am going to try and add the baseurl variable into the themes layout files to try and work around this.

Maybe adding <base href=""> in <head> and making the links to resources relative would be a workaround.