Any suggestions for original Hugo Themes (not ports)?

Hi there,
I have now created two websites with HUGO and themes from the Themes directory as there are very nice looking themes.

Both themes were very difficult to use as they aren’t real HUGO themes. They are themes made for other tools and then pressed somehow into the hugo directory. One time you need to edit /config.toml for content by changing variables and nothing happens when you try to extend the site inside /content. Another theme is working with /data/*yml and will store a lot of content there in addition to /themes/theme/partials.
None of the themes are really following the concept of HUGO how to structure a website with HUGO and how to use a theme for that web-site. They all look like developed e.g. for WordPress or whatever and then squeezed into different files so that it looks nice, but is not really extenable.
To make a long story short: is there a theme that is following the concept of HUGO and make it easy to extend (e.g. a blog) ???

There are several themes that were developed for Hugo and not ported from other platforms.

Out of the top of my head the following are original Hugo themes (as far as I know):
Iris, Newsroom, Hero, MemE

Of course there are more.


Thanks for your support ! I will give them a try and may post my findings

Seems you have figured out why you don’t like a specific theme and you also have some ideas how it should function. So for you the step to create your own theme should be rather small.

I was in the same boat, I couldn’t find a theme that suited me (I wanted to keep the look it had in Wordpress) and wrote one myself. Looking back, it’s rather easy.

You are welcome to take a look at my Zen theme for Hugo. It is the theme I use as the base for all sites I build with Hugo.

It is a base theme so does not have a design, just a solid set of Hugo features that I commonly use. You need to add your own design to make it look like anything. All my customers want their own design in any case.

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