Tips and tricks about porting a Jekyll theme to Hugo?


I’m really new to Hugo and I’m looking forward to make my first site with it. I’ve already have several sites on Jekyll and I’m thinking to switch to Hugo on my personal one mainly because I work with R language and there are more support for blogging with R with Hugo than with anything else. Also the rendering speed is really appealing.

I want to port my current theme from Jekyll to Hugo, which is based on Minimal Mistakes one. I have some knowledge about CSS and HTML, but I never ever had taken a course about them. I’ve been learning on the go, as I’ve been doing customizations to my site. I’m totally new to golang.

The main reason I want to port my current theme is because I really like it and after browse some of the Hugo themes I haven’t found any one that really appealed to me. So… I’m going to try to port my current one.

The plan is doing the port little by little. I’m going to try to do a couple of small courses about HTML and CSS —or SCSS in this case— and then learn about golang and Hugo. Then start the porting and even try to do some improvements on the theme if possible. After that, I most probably keep my current theme as a reference since the maintainer keeps it really live and continue doing improvements.

I’ve already read this post which has wonderful info about how to begin with the porting. However I would like to know people experience porting and which tips and trips I should know about the job. Am going to feel that the liquid template system is really different from Hugo’s one or I just going to need to do some name tag changing and some restructuring of the code?

Thanks a lot beforehand!