Future Imperfect Theme - Can't Generate Posts?

Hey everyone,
I have a question: I’m trying to install the Future Imperfect theme here: https://themes.gohugo.io/future-imperfect/
And everything seems to work fine locally, except for the fact that it won’t read any of my content already generated. And when I deploy the site live, Netlify fails to publish the site. I’m just wondering if the theme is broken, if I’m doing it wrong, or something else? I’ve gotten other themes to work so I’m just looking for anything that I might have missed…

Thanks for any input.

Which version of Hugo are you using?

Sorry I should have included that to start with: Hugo Static Site Generator v0.57.2/extended darwin/amd64

On Netlify which version are you using?

You will need to specify the version for your deployment (if you haven’t already) because the default is an ancient version of Hugo.

See their documentation.

Aha! Thank you so much! I’m going to try that in a bit. It’s getting a bit late here but I’ll see about trying it tonight or tomorrow. I had no idea. :slight_smile:

That still wouldn’t address why it won’t show my posts locally when I do a hugo server -D though.

Ah, to answer your previous question, I was/am running Hugo 0.51 on Netlify (as per my netlify.toml

publish = “public”
command = “hugo”

HUGO_ENV = “production”

It’s hard to say why your posts fail to render without seeing the code.

Please share a sample repo with your project.