PaperMod - "ShowPostNavLinks" not on all pages

Hello, I am very new to Hugo and frontend development in general and hope you can help with the following related to the PaperMod Theme.

In content I have two folders and two single pages.
Screenshot 2024-05-17 at 09.34.55

I like to show the navigation links in pages that are on both folders but the ShowPostNavLinks feature only shows for pages that are in the blog folder but not for the content that is in the service folder?

This is my current site in use for reference:

Can anyone help and point me to some further information on how to solve this since I can’t figure out why it behaves like this.

Papermod theme seems to be using ShowPostNavLinks param for rendering post navigation links as per single layout.

Try setting ShowPostNavLinks : true ( if using yml for pages ) for the single services pages as per theme documentation.

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Thank you. Yes, I added ShowPostNavLinks : true in the font matter of each page within the services folder but unfortunately this didn’t work.

services is not part of mainsections which is required as per the theme code.
Try adding services to mainSections in site config as per docs.

make sure to add both like

  - blog
  - service
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You are an absolute star! Thank you very much for your help, I very much appreciate it!

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