Help me understand my own page setup

I use a Hugo theme where I have /content/about/ having my abouts and /content/blog/*.md having 10+ markdown files. My Hugo theme support table of contents , read time etc… when I turn of these features, I do see the same in /about as well. I expect those only in /blog.

What’s the wrong with my setup and how above can be fixed?

hi @recurringnht

can you share your layout folder structure or at least theme name?


Theme is PaperMod GitHub - adityatelange/hugo-PaperMod: A fast, clean, responsive Hugo theme.

To disable: Add in about/ (YAML front matter in my case)

  showtoc: false
  ShowReadingTime: false

I haven’t tested with that theme but reading “Page Variables” on Variables | Front Matter | PaperMod that should work if it works like Hugo works ;-).

EDIT: If you don’t have further “subfiles” in folder /about/ you don’t need the cascade: part.

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