Trying to see a single list from two directories


I’m using hugo with papermod theme.
The content dir structure looks like this:


Las year I added placed all my post posts in the 2022 folder. They got listed on the main page (home page?).
Now when I added a new folder 2023 and add posts into that, those are not listed on the main page.

Additional info: the post URL in folder 2022 is correct and has the year (obviously the folder name is included)
like http://localhost:1313/2022/post_slug/.
This is working for 2023 as well. However, those are not shown in the listing.
Also post in the folder 2023 do not appear in the archives… :worried:
How can I achieve that? :thinking:

Without seeing your project, my best guess is:

Hey @jmooring , thank you for the prompt answer.
However, I’m only an occasional user of hugo and not so into the template syntax. Could you elaborate what are the options to include the 2023 post to the “main” post listing?

Wait i think i understand:

 mainSections: ["2022", "2023"]

seem to fix that?

Yeah, if that doesn’t work you’ll need to share your repository with us.

It seems to solve it now! Thank for the good hint!

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