Offline Copy of the Hugo Forums

Hi everyone!

I live out in the sticks and have no internet at my house. I usually drive into town to get online. I would like to know if I can download an offline copy of this Hugo Forum? It would help me a bunch when stuck on some Hugo problem at home.

Here is what I can understand.

This forum uses discourse as the forum software.

Discourse is a free and open source forum software so hosting it locally won’t be much of an issue. I think.

It would just be Hugo’s discourse data that I would need and just import it. I think.

I’ve thought about just using some tool to save an html copy of some pages but that wouldn’t capture a fraction of what this forums offers.

Any ideas???



P.S I’ve managed to copy the main Hugo and documentation site. It’s just the vast rich knowledge base that is these forums that I would like to get a offline copy.

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