Can we create a forum in Hugo website?

I’ve just began with Hugo by creating a website and would love to add a user forum where one could discuss issues such as this Hugo forum itself. Has this been coded in Go or using Hugo itself?

The software that runs this forum is called Discourse and it’s written in Ruby (on Rails).

Using Hugo to built a forum doesn’t make sense because a forum is highly dynamic with all the new threads and comments. Generating this as a static site would create a huge amount of overhead because every change (e.g. comment) would require a rebuilt.

I thought that offers a forum that can be embedded into static pages, just like Disqus does for commenting.

Perhaps worth checking out, since using such an add-on is practically always easier and less work than managing a Discourse installation yourself.

Thanks for the help Jura. I’m ready to sacrifice static property of my website just to build a forum. Which one should I go for as I have no idea after reading documentation on how to install Discourse. However, I thought of using Github for hosting the forum if that’s possible. Otherwise I already have (less reliable) hosting subscription that can be used to host dynamic websites.