I Created a Directory of Discourse Forums With Hugo

Hey everyone. For a recent side project, I decided to create a simple website that serves as a directory for Discourse communities from around the Internet. It’s generated with Hugo, with a Bash script to pull data, and built on CircleCI. You can check it out here.

Discourse Communities (like this very one you’re reading) are a great way to get together with people online to collaborate on ideas. I wanted to make it easier to discover new places to do this.

The above link is for Product Hunt but if you want a direct like, the site can be found here and the GitHub Repo link is at the top right corner.

This is just a first pass. I hope to utilize more powerful Hugo features to make the site better, including some form of dynamic search.

I’m hoping to eventually have something that looks good, is useful, and showcases the power of Hugo.

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