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I would like to hire a hugo freelancer to help me create a new site. I have technical and writing teams; however, I do not have a hugo expert. I tried to post this to “Services”; however, it would not let me create a new topic.

  1. The kind of site? corporate website - my hope/vision is to use Hugo as the repository of all writing; then, use that writing as the source for web, papers, presentations, etc…
  2. Is the work creating a new layout (or theme) or converting an existing one? best choose and modify an existing theme (hopefully)
  3. Number of pages (if converting existing pages)? <100
  4. Any extra services needed (CSS, browser support, etc)? normal
  5. Are there any existing issues that should be considered? integration with standard services (newsletter, some dynamic content, forms, etc…)
  6. What is the timeline that you’re expecting to work to? now
  7. If you can, what is the budget? Want to pay per hour for ad hoc support (comments, questions, etc…)

Chuck Boecking

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Dear Chuck,

We’ll be happy to work on this website development work. We have completed one Hugo site and currently working on another one.

You can check about us at and also can contact me using the Contact Us Page.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Sanjay Kumar

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