Looking for template/theme creator

Hi all,

I’ve just had a new site designed for my business and I’m looking for someone to convert the markup to a functional Hugo template. I don’t have the bandwidth to do the conversion myself.

Is anyone out there interested in being paid to do this work for me? If so, please drop me an email at oj@beyondbinary.io or if you know someone who is interested then please put them in touch.

I apologise if this is not the correct place to post such a thing, but I couldn’t find anywhere more appropriate.

I appreciate your help, and look forward to hearing from … anyone!


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While I’m not the right person for this job the last sentence of the request got me thinking… Maybe this forum could use a subsection where people can post requests for paid work relating to Hugo. It could be used for template design/adaptation like this request, feature implementation, consulting, maybe even priority bug squashing.

@spf13: Any thoughts?


Seems like a good enough idea. I’ll add it tomorrow.

Thanks for the responses guys. I’m glad I posted in the “best” place at the time of writing.

Hopefully some of the regular template creators will see this post and get back to me. Do you guys happen to know of anyone who might be interested in this gig?


I moved this to the new “services” category. Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks Michael!

Any chance you could show us the site, or at least a mockup? Probably most of us Hugo users build our own themes and can build themes to varying degrees of complexity [myself included]. But suitability for the ‘gig’ would depend a lot on what the site needs to look like and be able to do.


Of course, the site is located at https://beyondbinary.io/

You’ll notice that there are some sections that appear across multiple pages (as well as the normal header/footer). The index page header is different to the rest.

There are typical blog pages/tags/etc, and a need to have the most recent 3 posts appear a small section on a few other pages.


I want to do the same thing. I have a site I created in wordpress and have compiled into a static website (long story). I want to take the output site and turn it into a HUGO theme. My goal is to have a set of variables (customer phone number, name, email, bio, etc) and deploy a new version of the theme with the customer’s data, etc. The site is: https://www.reddingloanspecialist.com/

Looking for someone who really knows HUGO enough to easily do this and ensure the strategy for deploying each new version is “sound”.

@Joey_Gartin — Please create a new post under the “Services” category for this

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