Need a contract based Hugo expert

Hi There,

Looking to outsource Hugo related work on contract base each job.

You need to have expert level knowledge of Hugo and how the Hugo calculations etc work.

additional requirement of decap cms (formerly known as netlify cms is also required)

working with some 3rd party tools such as leaflet, photswipe and swiper (for sliders).

Please provide your hourly rate, available hours per week and time zone.


Prefer privacy?

If you do not wish to make a public post please do not hesitate to reach via messaging. Thanks!


With 7+ years of static site development experience in Hugo and Jekyll static site development I can provide my Hugo services on contract basis.

  • I have expertise in creating multilingual Hugo sites with all latest Hugo features
  • I have been working in Netlify CMS since it was launched and have experience in Decap CMS, Tina CMS and Strapi CMS. I am also working on using Drupal CMS with Hugo for a current project
  • I have mostly worked with Bootstrap slider and Foundation slider , slick JS but I can work with leaflet, photoswipe and swiper as well. They seem similar and easy to implement for me
  • I can provide deployment services as well at Netlify, Cloudflare, Render etc.

My hourly rate is usually $30 but I prefer to work on project basis with payable milestones at regular intervals.

Timezone: Indian Standard Time ( +0530 GST )
Available hours: 3 hours per day ( 7 day work week )

Contact details

Payment methods

  • Payoneer ( preferred )
  • PayPal

Let us connect over chat to discuss more about the projects.
Please feel free to ask any questions.

I look forward to your response.

Thank you
Akash Kumar Sharma
Delhi, Bharat

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