Am looking to hire someone to setup a Hugo site

I want to hire someone to set up a site where I can then manage the content after it’s operational.
I have a domain name: It’s not functional at the moment.
The site will be in a portfolio/blog format. The Hugo-Book theme is the style I want to base my site.
I know enough HTML, css, and javascript to dabble somewhat effectively. But don’t have enough time or interest to build a site from scratch.


Gethugothemes provides Hugo Web Development, Theme Customization and Migration services. Check out the link for more information. Thanks.

Hi Alan,

Thank you for placing your trust in Hugo to setup your website. I hope you find the best service provider to build your website using Hugo.
I have 7 years of experience in building and configuring Hugo websites. If things go right, I might be the service provider you are looking for.

My views on project requirements


  • is portfolio/blog site but Hugo book theme is a documentation site theme. Please correct me if I am referring to the wrong theme or you have a separate vision for your website.
  • Since you are an able designer, I suppose you will be my guiding light in design and layout of the website. This will reduce my effort and thus the overall project cost and time

Technology stack

  • If the design permits we can try using Bootstrap CSS which will reduce time and project cost. However, if you want I can code in custom css also ( I prefer using SCSS with inbuilt Hugo preprocessors )
  • If JS is required, I will use only as per requirement. I prefer not to use jQuery or include more JS dependencies but I am open to use them as per project requirement


  • I suggest using render for deployment. The free plan will work really well for you. So you save a lot on site hosting.
  • Free SSL will be provided by render along with automatic deployments
  • In case you have any other hosting, be it a VPS, I can easily configure it as I have linux administration experience as well

Content Management System

  • I suggest using for managing content. I will configure the website to work well with Forestry CMS so you can edit your blog posts with super ease and confidence. You can save the content here and the content will be autodeployed to your live sites within seconds.

Code hosting

  • I suggest using Gitlab to host the source code due to its really well project management system. We can manage the whole project using it.


  • Setup of project at Gitlab project management system with project specifications
    • Taks and milestones setup
  • Demo site setup for regular review
  • Daily work updates with review
  • Weekly meetings as per requirement for work review
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Delivery of project with initial training
  • After sale support plans as per requirement

Why Me ?

  • 7 years of Hugo static site development experience
  • Fast
  • Regular work updates
  • I like to get work done well so I get more clients via good reference

Some example sites I built using Hugo

I am working on a number of other Hugo projects as well.


Payment plan

  • I will charge you lumpsum amount for the project payable in milestones via Payoneer(preferred) or Paypal.
  • We can discuss the price and other project requirements via private chat

Estimated time to complete the project

  • It seems this will be theme configuration project with slight theme modifications. It usually takes me about 15 work hours to configure a Hugo theme spread over 7 days max. We will have to finalize project specifications to get a better estimate. If you do require a complete new design, a new theme design will be a better and cheaper option than to configure a prebuilt generic theme.

Contact details

Please connect with me via email ( ), skype ( panchtatvam ), telegram ( panchtatvam ) or any other medium you deem fit. I am at IST (+0530 hrs).

Please feel free to ask me any questions.
Looking forward for your response.

Thank you
Akash Kumar Sharma
Delhi, Bharat

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Hello! i can build the website for you, here is my gig on fiverr you can contact me there or here

@alanrjust You have also posted the same job at Upwork. Are you interested at working at Upwork or here ? Waiting for your response.

I got a head of myself when I posted on Hugo. I’m not as ready as I had hoped. I’m delaying this project until I get my content better organized.



I got ahead of myself when I posted on Hugo. I’m not as ready as I had hoped. I’m delaying this project until I get my content better organized.



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It is ok.
Please feel free to contact me whenever you would like a Hugo website built using any of the following channels:

  • Email:
  • Telegram: panchtatvam
  • Skype: panchtatvam
  • Upwork

Please feel free to ask any questions.
Thank you

Akash Kumar Sharma
Delhi, Bharat

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