Multilingual Hugo Blog for Math, Physics, Stat

Hi there, I’m happy to introduce our web site again(showcase, 3 years ago). Now we support multi-language, including english,of course. Please take a look above link!

We first build our site by hugo 3 years ago. In that time, we have migrated all our 2k posts. Now we have over 3k posts(1.5x) in 3 languages(3x) Korean, English, Japanese!

Actually, multilingual mode of hugo is pretty amazing even it has some kind of ‘root directory’ issues(not a big deal).

  • File management system is super reasonalbe. We choosed file name “index.–.md” strategy, not folder name approach. It reduces image copy and easy to work.
  • Yeah, still fast! Speed of hugo is most important feature of multilanguage site, because posts to lender are duplicated as you translate your contents.
  • Almost feature of site is preserved. Native hugo syntax is the best.

If you are building new site and hesitate to globalization, I’ll strongly recommand make that up in multi-language from bottom. In our case, we are too late but we did it. Don’t do anything you’ll regret!

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