Blog - Multiple languages

Hey all,

I would love some advice on setting up Hugo templates and Git for a multi-language blog.

It’s important to note that the blog for UK, FR and ESP will all visually be the same BUT will have different top level nav, unique posts, etc so there is no need to have 3 versions of 1 post. One post will always be unique to one language.

Each blog may have thousands of separate/unique blog entries.

I have been looking at Hugo’s multi-lingual mode but this seems more related to sites that have exactly the same architecture and pages across all languages if I read it correctly?

Any help, tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

No, that is not correct. We have made it so you can link to translations of a given article, but you don’t have to. You can also do this on a very granular level, e.g. “This blog is also available in French and Norwegian” …

So, for your use case you can create your blog templates and use the /i18n bundle feature for language strings etc. and you should be home free.