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Hi there, our blog is the largest formal science academic blog in korea. We have about 1,900 posts and lots of viewer. Recently we abandon blog service in korea) and migrated to Hugo community here.

Our blog’s theme is minimalistic. Not fancy, but efficient, fast, and i built it up from zero ground by my hand. I’m proud of it. :grin:

I know, you guys are not familiar to korean and someone hates math. I just wanna say my feeling last two weeks.

  • I’m not a frontend developer, even not engineer. But hugo api? is extremely easy to implement desired functions.(And shortcode is amazing!)
  • So fast. I thought about jekyll or others, but i choose hugo for speed. Over 1900 pages need only 30 sec.
  • Not perfect, many bugs in our blog. But i’m happy. As you can see, our blog is too much large to maintain(‘We’ are only two editors.). Now we can possess our contents as *.md files and automate many processes using python.(I don’t know, is this a basic property for SSG?) Anyway, we are satisfied with this alone.
  • Please more support for tex :pray:. Mathjax or whatever. I know, i know this is a conflict between Tex and Markdown, but i’m sure there are a lot of people who need more powerful tex writing. And hugo can do. I trust.

ps. 생새우초밥집freshrimpsushi means “law shrimp sushi restaurant” in koeran. Yes, totally irrelevent to formal science :sweat_smile:.


What a great effort you have to set up the site :star_struck:. I’m also not a developer or engineer. My goal when digging into Hugo is to build my personal blog. Your post inspires me a lot :wink: Thank you.

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Not sure if this will help or not, but you can embed markdown in html via a shortcode. Simply change the file entension to .html, and surround your markdown w/a shortcode.


my markdown code


If you can keep the tex outside that block, it should keep the markdown processor out of your math markup.


I found a solution by replace the bad tex codes into neat tex code in .RawContent. The modification can be found in my-blog. In this way, you can edit the markdown code without considering escaping backslash. This hugo script could handle this task automatically. :grinning:

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Sadly, it dose not work for me. :joy: But thanks to your attention!

Do you use regular expression? I guess hugo can’t handle all of our contents about 2,000 posts. Just because too much big. I think you gonna have same issue as your blog glow up.

Yes, since it seems hugo cannot build the site incrementally, this solution working at template level would be inefficent as the site gets larger. However, in principle, it would not add a much heavy burden on hugo. The time complexity would not greater than the twice of site buiding.

Another way is to write the replacement in the js file such that it works only when you open the site in browser. The building time complexity addition is O(1), while the rendering would get a little slower. I think this approach could work for your case.

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use the html tags for the same. I am also having the same issue while i am creating a site for Data Science. This will help me.

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