Some problems to make a multilingual site

Hi guys I’m trying to make a multilingual site with hugo.

Here is my ideas
All of single contents have a section and url will be
So the section is represented language will be inserted at lang property in html tag.
But I’ve got some trouble for this and there are major issues about it.

  1. How to find the same file in other sections
  2. How to display taxonomies separated per each section?
  3. How to display index, term, taxonomy in _default separated per each language?

Actually I think third one is the limitation of hugo right now so I don’t expect it. Rest of them I don’t have any ideas Please help me.

Take a look at Multi-Language Hugo site for an easy solution. Treat each language as if it’s a blog of its own, unconcerned with other languages. Merge at build time. Branches such as layouts, themes, assets, etc. can be common to all