Minimal Hugo "theme" to play with semantic HTML and No-Class CSS libraries

Hello all,

I have been tinkering with some basic Hugo templates while keeping these features:

  1. Follow the best1 Hugo practices as of today (April 2022).
    • I am looking forward to improvements in this department.
  2. Keep the theme minimal.
  3. Use as much correct semantic HTML as I know.
    • Please please comment on stuff I can improve on.
    • I am not a web developer. I adapt the templates as I learn new stuff from other templates, blog posts, StackOverflow and such.
  4. HTML5 Validator status is Green.
  5. Use Hugo features just like _build front-matter, modules and mounts to fetch CSS directly from its repo (where possible).

No-Class Demo and Source

Looking forward to …

  • Comments
  • Pull (or merge) requests
  • If there’s a favorite No-Class CSS I missed out in there, please suggest it. Adding a new library to this site is as easy as this commit.

Note: This is not a normal “Hugo theme” per-say, but it’s very helpful to me with testing HTML semantic tags with different No-class CSS libraries.

1: “best” practices that I know of …


Just general advice I’d give anyone is to set up as a Multilingual site. Whether you intend to use it or not and see how it influences your folder/file structures and code.

I have zero experience in that area. If you or someone has time to add that support to this example, I can accept a PR, and we can discuss the details in the PR thread.

The goal of this repo is to experiment with semantic HTML and classless CSS libs. But if the multilingual site setup is pretty minimal, I can accept that in a PR.

Wow, big fan of this project! It’s been on my list to do a similar thing for (yet another) redesign of my site, with pico.css.

Going to use it as my boilerplate for new Hugo projects.

I don’t agree with this advice for the scope of this project. I don’t think it’s intended to be a full-featured starter with all the bells and whistles. If you need multilingual, it’s very easy to add it in for your own project, and you’ll be building a lot of your own templates anyway if you base your site on this.

What?! That doesn’t make us web developers?!



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I am not looking for a theme here… I am presenting one

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