New Hugo website, built with Indiego theme

I’ve eaten my own dog food (or quaffed my own champagne if you’d rather) and built a Hugo website for my forest gardening business Forest Garden Wales:

It’s using Indiego, a socially aware, modular CSS Hugo starter theme that I’m developing. Once you’ve plumbed in your social networks, it’ll automatically publish blog and status posts. There’s a simple modular CSS frontend workflow using Gulp.

I’m thinking of publishing it to the Hugo Themes directory if it’s the kind of thing people would be interested in?

btw, Hugo is pretty darned cool :sunglasses:

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Looks great man, and I like how semantic your theme’s HTML is. :smiley:

Quick question - why is your “Modules” folder not in your CSS folder?

Even the color scheme is forest-y. Nice!

Thank you :smile:. Semantic HTML makes accessibility so much easier. I’m really pleased with the microformats markup as well, not something I’ve really done before.

why is your “Modules” folder not in your CSS folder?

I’m glad you asked! Modular CSS is really a bit of a misnomer, as all files related to a module should go in the same directory, including JavaScript, SVGs, bitmaps, even template snippets & dummy content for a styleguide. I’ve written up a summary of Modular CSS on the Indiego website. Hope it’s useful for someone :slightly_smiling_face:

The fun you can have with colour palettes! There’s a couple of really good resources that I used:


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Indeed. It’s a lot of fun to consider the options, and even think about accessibility, in terms of how people with some color blindness will perceive the site.

I’ll keep those links in mind, thanks. Here’s a couple from me.

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Lovely, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:. I’lll have a rummage through these later!

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Rummaged. I like these a lot, thank you :smile:

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Your RSS feeds go to 404 though :frowning:

Also, while a rather picky point, the use of “first name” “last name” is ambiguous in some cultures. “Given” and “Family” are the ISO standards. “Christian Name” is doubtless more than acceptable in lovely Wales but may be offensive to some.

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Sorry, I realised after submitting, that comes across rather abrupt and negative. I didn’t mean it in those contexts.

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your RSS feeds go to 404 though :frowning:

aargh! thanks for heads up, will fix now. Real teething problems with the RSS feeds (I blame the XML :wink:)

the use of “first name” “last name” is ambiguous in some cultures. “Given” and “Family” are the ISO standards

That’s a bit strange – I’ve used Given and Family, then put placeholders in for alternative name names! Maybe doing it that way is not very clear? (screenshot attached)

No offence taken, it’s really nice to get feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

My bad, I only read the placeholder text!!

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Not so bad! It might be a better idea to remove the placeholder text altogether and let people work it out?

Sorry, just come back from a cyber conference.

My thought would be yes, remove it or simply make it consistent with the field headings.

However, as I said, it is a rather picky thought.

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I’ve simplified it even further, I removed the name fields altogether! I’ll put a fuller form on the Contact page. Picky is good, think about everything :slightly_smiling_face:


Here is my simple form:

Made with Netlify forms and a combination of HTML5/CSS3 (required & email checks) and Bulma (a CSS framework).

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