Hugo Theme Utils

After posting Discussion: Too many internal shortcodes?, and seeing 0.42 be released, I decided to start and release an idea i’ve been thinking on for a while: A generic theme utility repo.

I had originally planned this to just be something you submodule into layouts/shortcodes, but the new theme compositions feature (massive thanks to @bep for this!) means this can be done simply as a theme, and make it far more versatile!

Today I created, a (albeit very small for now) collection of shortcodes (and later on, partials) for use with Hugo sites of all shapes and sizes. In the discussion thread above, I talked about how having lots of shortcodes baked into Hugo wasn’t very scalable. With this repo, any shortcode can be included, as it will be completely separate to the Hugo release cycle, and keep complexity out of the Hugo project.

There are currently many PRs and issues open about adding shortcodes to Hugo for services. Now those services can be added here with ease, without affecting development and release of Hugo itself.

Any feedback and contribution would be greatly appreciated. Currently i’ve just done some basic setup, and thrown in a couple shortcodes i’ve found useful, but hopefully with the collective knowledge of everyone here, it can grow into something incredibly powerful!