Markdown not rendered for 2nd post unlike the first

I added a 2nd post to my Hugo Blog but unlike the first the markdown layout is not rendered.

I did not found the solution either in the doc or with similar questions in the forum.

My Gitrepo

This is weird…

I added a linebreak between Front Matter seperator and content and it worked all of a sudden…

title: "Le Wagon"
date: 2020-03-24T22:45:54+01:00
draft: false

J'ai donc choisi de me former en développement Web via la formation accélérée du [Wagon]( J'ai rejoint la sess de Rennes qui a débuté le 24 février dernier.

But after removing it, it kept working🤷‍♂️

Really weird indeed, did not work but I scratched my file 2nd post and recreated it, it is fine now.

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